Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smokey Eyes + Review of Real Colors Regal Eyes

A few weeks ago when my family (minus my sister) was staying overnight at an Indian casino, I hauled all of my makeup in my luggage bag -- maybe "haul" isn't the right word... it all fits into a small zip-up pouch... but anyway -- with the intent to do a dramatic smokey look that I had seen on someone else. This is the result. Unfortunately it was a while ago so I don't remember specifically what makeup went where, but I listed the palettes I remember using in case you might be interested in replicating the look.

1. Shiseido "Lunar Phases"
2. Kat Von D "Mememto Mori" - Hard Luck and Tijuana colors; "Gypsy" palette: black color
3. Tokidoki Kabuki Luminosa Powder
4. Clinique 01 Shaping Taupe (on eyebrows)

And in other news: Real Colors Regal Eyes

A while ago my sister was awesome (... that sounded wrong. She is still currently awesome, but in this case I'm referencing an awesome act she performed in the past that further illustrates her awesomeness) and bought me an Urban Decay eyeshadow in "Atmosphere" that I absolutely love to this day. It's extremely pigmented and eye-catching and works really well with the kind of makeup I like to do when I get crazy.

516094 Sleight of Hand
... This is NOT that makeup. This is Real Colors Regal Eyes, "Embellished Eyeshadow" that I purchased as part of my $25 spending spree at Sally Beauty Supply. I bought it hoping it would compare to the Urban Decay product that I love so much and boyo, was I wrong! I mean it's sparkley and pigmented, but it doesn't have the same magic. And what ticks me off is that the glitter is only on the top, so once I rubbed the top layer enough, I just had ugly gray eyeshadow on my finger. You know, like that ugly gray eyeshadow everyone keeps wearing where they just put grey on their eye, eyeliner, and mascara and then think they look good? I swear I went out recently and saw three different cashier girls wearing that ugly look. I think it's ugly. It's ugly. And now I have my own version of it.

I guess that's the price I pay for not shopping at Sephora where you can bring your stuff back if you don't like the color. Although if I had shopped at Sephora for a gray sparkley eyeshadow happily playing with another palette of Urban Decay Stardust, only this time in "Moon Spoon." Hmmm... add to wish list!

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